Lighting Design in the New Industrial Building of STOP S.A. in Piraeus

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Lighting Design in the New Industrial Building of STOP S.A. in Piraeus

STOP S.A. is the first mixed-use building in Greece with LEED Gold certification that houses production, storage, offices, parking and a planted roof. The project combined high-end luminaires with high energy efficiency (lm/W) precision optics and intelligent DALI control systems. At the same time, appropriate sensors were used in order to maximize the use of natural lighting. For all spaces, photometric studies were prepared for the best economic and technical solution, while ensuring all national and international standards.

The biggest challenge for the PROLIGHT design team was the 2,000 m², 14 m high warehouse with narrow corridors full of shelves, in which uniform and sufficient lighting with very low consumption (W/m²), based on LEED certification, was achieved throughout the height of the vertical surfaces and throughout the range of the horizontal plane. Linear systems of direct - indirect lighting, low glare UGR<19, were used in the office spaces, for comfortable lighting.

In the production area, lighting emphasizes on visual clarity since detail tasks such as sewing and color matching, take place. At the same time, a DALI dimming system with sensors was used in the parking area to limit energy consumption. Externally, the LEED criteria required a careful study of the lighting of the building and the surrounding area, in order to avoid light pollution. Luminaires were chosen such as Chiodino 4P from Inverlight - a delicate bollard suitable for planting lighting and Namsos Bollards from Norlys that add safety and comfort to outdoor corridors.



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